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The first flush toilets were invented in 1596, but they were not widely used until the middle of the 1850’s. On the other hand, people used outhouses. They came in all sizes and provided a private place for people to go to the bathroom. Once indoor plumbing became common place, outdoor sanitation devices disappeared from the yards of most homes. Now the use of porta-potties, portable toilets, porta-johns, or whatever you may call them has become popular at big events where there isn’t enough indoor plumbing available for everyone to use.

Why Choose Amason’s For Your Portable Toilet Needs?

Amason’s has a wide range of portable toilets for all of your event needs. Whether you are having a party at your home and you need an extra bathroom for guests, or you have a huge event that needs many portable toilets, we have what you need to make your event successful. With our clean, well-designed portable sanitation devices we know that we are a premier porta-potty rental company in the area.

Comfortable and Convenient Bathrooms

When you don’t want to worry about guests using the bathroom in your home at an outdoor party, you can provide a comfortable and convenient bathroom right in your backyard with help from Amason’s. You can provide a hand washing station, and a bathroom that is both clean and accessible to everyone. If you are having a big outdoor party and you don’t want to make a mess of the inside of your home, you need to provide your guests with somewhere to use the bathroom. With a portable toilet set up on your property, guests will have what they need without having to come into your home.

At your next backyard barbeque of if you are having an outdoor wedding at your home, it’s time to find a portable toilet company that will work with you to give your guests the services they need. Portable toilets are an excellent answer to your sanitation needs when you are having many guests at your home.

Whether you call our mobile bathrooms porta-potties or portable toilets, at Amason’s, we have the mobile sanitation products you need for any event. To learn more about our products, give us a call at 904-276-4829 and we will talk with you about your outdoor toilet options.