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It takes a lot to make a successful, efficient worksite – not least of which being the availability of a restroom.

If your crew is working within an already-constructed building with restrooms in place, providing them with a restroom isn’t a concern. For any other worksite that doesn’t fit this description, though, putting some form of restroom in place has got to be a priority.

Improving Worker Efficiency with Easy Restroom Access

It’s a given that at some point or another throughout the day your crew is going to have to use the restroom. How easy (or how difficult) you make this for them can affect their overall efficiency.

If your workers are having to hunt down a restroom in a building down the street or stumble off into the woods to find a semi-private location, they are going to be wasting valuable time. What’s more, not having easy access to a restroom is sure to take its toll on their morale.

Due to both wasted time and decreased morale, not providing a restroom to your crew can come at a real cost when it comes to worker efficiency.

The Challenges of Remote SitesPorta Potty at construction site used by worker

For easy-to-access sites, putting in a makeshift restroom is a quick and relatively simple solution. For sites that don’t allow access to flatbed trucks and tank trucks, though, putting in a restroom can be a real challenge.

Still, these remote locations with no restrooms nearby are often the sites where providing your crew with a restroom is the most important. For sites such as these, our highly portable porta potties are the perfect solution. Thanks to our portable toilet rentals, you can easily provide your crew with access to a restroom no matter how remote your worksite is. If an ordinary pickup truck can get there, so can one of our portable restrooms.

Find the Right Solution for Your Worksite

Depending on the size of your crew, the location of your worksite and a number of other factors, the best solution when it comes to providing your crew with a restroom may vary.

At Amason’s, we offer a wide range of portable toilet rentals in order to accommodate every worksite and crew. If you would like to learn more about installing our high-quality restrooms at your worksite, we invite you to contact us today.