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Very few people think about porta potties in a positive light. Chances are, you only use one of these facilities if you really need to—such as if there is no permanent facility or the lines are out of control. However, if you are prepared and put your mind to it, you can make a trip to the porta potty much better. Here are a few tips that can help you with this experience.

Bring Your Own Supplies

Nothing is more frustrating than a porta potty that doesn’t have toilet paper or proper facilities for washing and cleaning your hands. Pack some tissues and hand sanitizer in your purse or travel bag so you have these supplies available. You will be much more comfortable that way.

Consider LightingRow of porta potties

Sometimes, porta potties can be dark and even a little spooky—unless you are lucky enough to have access to a luxury restroom trailer. A flashlight or even a flashlight app for your phone can give you the lighting you need to take care of business in comfort

Use the Buddy System

A porta potty that does not lock correctly is not just annoying, it can be scary! No one wants to have a stranger bust in on them, even if it was on accident. Bring a friend who can “guard the door” and allow you to use the facility in comfort. You can offer the same service for your friend.

Consider Protecting the Seat

Either use pre-made seat protectors or lay down some toilet paper to make the seat feel cleaner or fresher. You will not have to worry about “drips” left behind from the last visitor. This is very much a mental thing and can help you feel good about the experience.

If you are lucky enough to be the one that chooses the porta potty for a worksite, party or event, you can do one more thing to make the experience better—choose the right facility. Amason’s offers portable toilets and restroom trailers in Jacksonville and the surrounding area. Our deluxe facilities really do make the portable toilet experience much more relaxing and enjoyable. Give us a call or contact us online for more information or to set up a reservation. We look forward to working with you!