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When it comes to portable restrooms or a portable bathroom, having motion censored lighting inside comes along with many benefits. It’s not expensive to set up and can be practically used anywhere. Other benefits of motion censored lighting include:

Row portable toilets

  • Electrical efficiency
  • No need for a switch
  • Deterrent
  • Reliability
  • Electrical Efficiency

There’s no redundancy of electricity being used, and the cost in electrical bills is less with motion censored lighting in portable restrooms or portable restroom trailers. The mistake of leaving the lights on by mistake is completely eliminated. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly solution to lighting portable restrooms. Go green with motion censored lighting.

Forget the Switch

The technology of motion censored lighting eliminates having to use a switch to turn the lights on in a dark room. The sensor will do that for you. This way, you don’t have to search for a light switch. Just think of all the times you searched for the light switch and almost fell doing so. Not only is this safe, it’s very convenient.

Deterrent Against Criminals

Motion censored lighting acts as a deterrent against criminals. This technology makes it much harder to remain unnoticed while committing a crime. Without spending a fortune on sophisticated alarms and lighting system, you can easily ramp up the security of the premises with motion censored lighting technology.

High Reliability

Motion censored lighting utilizes body heat and wavelengths to calculate where or not there is movement. In addition, the amount of sensitivity can be adjusted. It can even detect a fly in its path and turn on. In this sense, censored lighting is highly reliable. The lights automatically go on when it’s needed.

All around, the many benefits of motion censored lighting should not be ignored. Save money on electric bills, ward away criminals and get the lights on only when it’s needed. Amason’s can add motion-activated lighting for outdoor restrooms in addition to handwashing sinks, sani-stands, cardboard waste baskets and two-yard self-dumping hoppers. Even our beautiful luxury restroom trailers can have the add-on of censored lighting. We serve St. John’s, Duval, Nassau, Baker and Clay Counties. Our mobile restrooms, roll-off dumpsters, generators, portable toilet rentals, restroom trailers rentals and shower trailers can meet the basic needs of just about any large group. Give us call today to learn more.