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If you are planning on cleaning out your home, yard or garage, don’t throw every single undesired item into a dumpster. Though dumpsters are built to handle all sorts of materials, there are certain items that should never be placed in a dumpster. There are rules as to which items can and can’t be placed in dumpsters for good reason. Hazardous materials placed in dumpsters will inevitably reach a landfill and seep into the ground and water, resulting in a poisoning of our planet as well as its inhabitants. Here are four things that you should not put into a dumpster.


Paint seems somewhat harmless yet it actually poses quite the threat to our environment. Paint contains dangerous chemicals and oils that will poison the planet’s water if placed in a dumpster and transported to a landfill. Contact your local government for information about facilities that collect unused paint and solvent for proper disposal.boxes of garbage piled next to a dumpster

Chemical Waste

Chemical waste should be handled in a delicate manner. Tossing chemical waste into a dumpster will undoubtedly wreak havoc on our planet as well as humanity and wildlife. Examples of chemical waste include pesticides, automobile oil, transmission fluid and lead-based household cleaners. Read the label on your chemical waste products for guidance as to how to properly dispose of them. Our waste management experts can also lend insight as to how to discard these dangerous materials in a manner that does not harm our environment.


Batteries pose a threat to the environment when they are mixed with other chemicals in landfills and other waste sites. Though contemporary batteries contain less mercury now than it did years ago, batteries are still quite harmful to our planet. They contain cadmium, lead and other chemicals that can poison just about every form of life. Return used batteries to local retailers who are willing to dispose of them in the proper manner.


Though it is tempting to toss that old laptop, cell phone, monitor or other electronic device in a dumpster, doing so is a terrible mistake. In fact, 17 states have passed laws barring the disposal of electronic devices in landfills. Electronics tend to be bulky and chock full of chemicals similar to those contained in batteries. Contact the merchant who sold the electronic device and ask them whether they have a recycling or refurbishment program. If you can’t find an electronics retailer who will properly dispose of your old electronics, contact your local government waste removal office for guidance.

Amason’s Waste Management is Here to Help

If you are on the prowl for a dumpster for your home or business clean-out project, Amason’s has you covered. We have an array of dumpsters ranging from 11 yard sizes to 40 yard roll-off styles. Contact us for more information about our waste removal services.