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You’re certain that you and your workers are going to need portable restrooms at your construction site. Nobody can be expected to avoid the call of nature for a full workday. But you don’t know how many and why types of facilities you should be getting. Fortunately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has defined specific regulations for the use of portable bathrooms.

OSHA Regulation Basics

The number of porta-potty rentals to get depends on the total number of people at the site:osha regulations for construction

  • 20 or less workers require only one toilet.
  • 20 or more workers require 1 toilet seat and 1 urinal per 20 people.
  • 200 or more workers require 1 toilet seat and 1 urinal per 50 people.

If a site does not have a sewer line, the facilities can consist of chemical, recirculating, or combustion toilets. Privies are allowed if they do not contaminate surface or ground water. However, these types may be limited by local ordinances.

If the site involves painting, coating, applying herbicides or insecticides, or dealing with contaminants that may harm workers, then employees need washing facilities near the workplace so they can remove these substances.

All facilities must be in usable and sanitary conditions.

While not specifically regulated, if you have multiple genders at a site, OSHA recommends providing a container of hand sanitizer, and for night work, sufficient illumination in the area where the facilities are located. A separate portable toilet for each gender is also recommended unless you also have single occupant stalls that lock from the inside, which also accommodates transgender workers.

Portable Restroom Options

If you need portable sanitation in Jacksonville, FL, or the rest of the Southeastern United States, then come to Amason’s. Because we have been satisfying customers since 1959, we are intimately familiar with both OSHA and local regulations regarding portable restrooms at construction sites. Our options range from budget-friendly portapotties containing both sit-down toilets and urinals to restroom trailers with air conditioning, powered ventilation, and private stalls.

Contact us today to see how we can meet your needs.