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The need to use the bathroom is a daily occurrence for everyone, even when you’re not at home. Yesterday’s portable bathroom has always been a last resort — people would only use a porta potty if absolutely necessary. The good news is that portable restrooms have improved over the years. Dirty, unsanitary and smelly are no longer the stereotype.

A Closer Look at Today’s Porta Potty: Odor and Availability

Today, most portable restrooms feature air vents to eliminate that terrible stench. There’s just more air to circulate, and you don’t have to worry about holding your breath. These vents even let in more light, so it’s not dark inside. And you Orange portable toiletdon’t have to worry about whether or not the porta potty is already in use. There’s a red indicator it’s not available and a green one that indicates it is available. It’s controlled by a mechanism when the person inside locks or unlocks the door.

Sanitary Options and the Disabled

The idea of using an outdoor potty without being able to wash your hands isn’t a pleasant one. But, there are portable restrooms that come with a hand cleaning station. Some have hand sanitizer dispensers and others have a water faucet with soap dispensers. Today’s porta potty has come a long way. Plus, there are porta potties for those who are disabled. This type of outdoor bathroom has a different design. It’s large enough for another person to assist a disabled person and large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

Uses for Today’s Porta Potty

Porta potties do more than just one function. They offer a way to use a bathroom when there are no indoor facilities. And when more bathroom accommodations are needed, they’re ideal for things like concerts and other types of special events. Porta potties make it easy for people to attend events.

With all of these improvements to the porta potty, people can relax when going outdoors or attending a special event. It’s just a better experience all around. While it still may not be the best setup, it’s certainly a lot better than what it once was.

Whether you’re planning a special event or setting up a construction site, turn to Amason’s for the best porta potty rental. Amason’s offers restroom trailers, portable toilets, roll-off dumpsters and everything in between. Give Amason’s a call today. They make being outdoors easy.