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Do you run a construction company or help organize outdoor events? If so, you are no doubt always busy making sure that your site is safe and convenient for all involved. That said, there is one possible source of convenience that you may not have considered. Today, more and more construction sites and outdoor events are turning to sanitation leaders like Amason’s for their portable solutions, including portable hand washing sinks.

Here are three ways a portable hand washing sink can be a benefit to you and your site.

Keep Employees HealthyPortable hand washing station.

If you have provided some outhouses for your construction site but have not provided a place for employees to wash up after concluding their business, you may risk getting your employees sick by exposing them to bacteria. After all, how many of your construction workers end up sharing the same equipment or tools throughout the day? Portable washing sinks will ensure that employee hands stay clean and keep the work site free of contamination.

Provide a Place to Wash Up

Portable washing sinks don’t have to be used for just washing up after using the restroom, they can also be installed to simply keep your employees or customers feeling good. No one likes to be caked in dirt or covered in sweat after a long day at an outdoor site. having a few portable sinks installed will provide a convenient place for people to clean up before they head home, and likely improve morale across the board for both employees and customers.

It May Be the Law

If you are running an outdoor event and have vendors that will be selling food on site, it’s important to know that some states have laws on the books that require all food handlers to have access to a place where they’re hands can be washed. You don’t want your event to get bad publicity for violating the food code or for having a customer come down sick because someone didn’t wash their hands.

If you run a construction company or organize outdoor events, you should familiarize yourself with local businesses that provide sanitation services like outhouses and portable hand washing sinks. Amason’s is a leader in sanitation for the Southeastern United States, providing affordable products since 1959. Call Amason’s today for more infomation on how they can make your next project or event a success.