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Whether you need waste services at home, on a construction site, at a public event or for temporary emergency situations, portable restrooms provide a safe and hygienic solution. And, according to the latest findings from Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI), every day, portable restrooms save 125 million gallons of fresh water.

What Kinds of Water-Saving Portable Restrooms Are Available?

Portable restrooms in Jacksonville that can save water include restroom trailers and portable restrooms. These portable restrooms save water because the user doesn’t flush fresh water down each time. This is a tremendous benefit, especially in areas where access to plumbing is restricted, such as in stadium parking lots, constructions sites and on park grounds.

How Do Portable Restrooms Save Water?

Portable restrooms save water in two ways. First, the user has a time restriction on washing up at the sink. The tap automatically shuts off, even in the deluxe restroom trailer faciWater Conservation Conceptlities. This prevents water from being left on after the user has exited the restroom.

Second, water is saved in portable restrooms in Jacksonville by the flushing action itself. A traditional home toilet uses up to seven gallons of water with each flush. ON the other hand, a portable restroom toilet, such as that found in a restroom trailer or portapotty, uses 90% less water than a regular toilet. That’s a huge savings, both in water cost, and in terms of environmental conservation.

How Easy It Is to Save Water With a Portable Restroom?

When you rent a portable restroom from Amason’s, everything is taken care of for you. All you have to do is let us know how many people will be on site, and what kind of facilities you want; a deluxe restroom trailer or a set of portapotties. Leave everything else up to use. Your water savings will be automatic, too. Simply providing portable restrooms in Jacksonville for your guests or workers will take all the strain off of any permanent toilet facilities you may have. So instead of having guests use up your work or home water supply, they will be using the facilities provided by Amason’s portable toilet rentals in Jacksonville.

Do you have more questions about water conservation and portable restrooms for your event or construction site? Contact us today to learn more.