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From weddings and graduations to a variety of business functions, there are several types of occasions in which you’ll need to provide outdoor bathroom facilities. Different types of porta potties and restroom trailers provide several options to choose from. The following are three important questions to help you determine whether a porta potty or a restroom trailer will be the best choice for your event.

Are You Hosting a Formal Event?Row of Port-a-Potties

If you’re having a formal event, such as an outdoor wedding, a restroom trailer would be more appropriate in most cases. With many of the guests wearing long dresses and gowns, a restroom trailer would be much easier to use. Luxury restroom trailers will make your event more enjoyable for your guests at weddings and other formal events. For informal events such as barbecues or family reunions, a portapotty would likely be sufficient.

What Will the Weather be Like?

While it may not be possible to forecast exactly what the weather will be, knowing general weather conditions can help you decide which type of bathroom option you should have. While most activities won’t be held outdoors during extremely cold weather, even in the fall temperatures can drop significantly in the evening. When the weather is extremely warm or humid it may be difficult to keep a portapotty smelling fresh for extended periods of time. For an event that will be held when it’s either very cold or warm, it’s a good idea to provide a restroom trailer.

What is Your Budget?

Your budget for any event will need to be taken into consideration. The costs for both portapotties and restroom trailers can vary considerably. Choices in portapotties can range from standard units to those that add extras such as vanity mirrors and soap dispensers. Restroom trailers can also be chosen with a variety of extras and add-ons including showers. It’s important to make sure you include sanitation services in your budget when planning any type of event.

If you’re looking for quality porta potties or restroom trailers you need to work with a company that provides dependable equipment and services at competitive rates. Amason’s specializes in a variety of waste services including restroom trailers, portable toilets, and roll-off dumpsters. They have been a leader in sanitation services throughout the Southeast since 1959. When looking for portable restroom trailers contact Amason’s for more information regarding all your sanitation needs.