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You probably know not to throw batteries, pesticides, computers and compact fluorescents in the trash because of the presence of mercury and harmful chemicals. But your clothes? Yes, the fabrics that you wear everyday pose similar risks to the environment. And just like the above should be disposed of properly to avoid harming living things and our world, so should your clothes when you can no longer use them.

Why are clothes harmful to the environment?

Much of the harm is done during the manufacturing. Harmful chemicals are used and these chemicals are flushed out of the factories and into the surrounding water supply. AmonWoman Recycling Clothes At Clothing Bankg them:

  • pesticides
  • herbicides (plant killers)
  • sulfuric acid
  • caustic soda
  • and much more.

In a double impact scenario, however, many of these chemicals enter the environment during manufacture, and when the clothing are disposed of, the environment is hit yet again. As clothing goes to landfills, piles of trash are exposed to rain, heat and humidity. And the chemicals that remain leach out into the air and streams. Pesticides and herbicides can devastate local wildlife populations. Other chemicals are known to cause mutations and infertility in local wildlife. And much of it ends up back in our drinking water.

Protecting Our Environment

Waste management is a massive $55 billion + industry and growing. We may think of our local trash collectors as the entirety of waste management; however, the industry goes much further than that with special systems to recycle, dispose of organic waste(food, etc.) and to dispose of trash items that are harmful to the environment. They collect, process and dispose of waste so as to minimally impact our world. However, if we are not sorting harmful items out of our trash, they will be sent to landfills to mingle with everything else and contribute to harm.

How To Contribute

Proper disposal can only be assured through contacting a reputable waste management company for roll off dumpster and dumpster rental. They can be a 20-yard dumpster or as much as a 40-yard dumpster or smaller dumpster service to meet your individual needs. You can help get the word our and organize community events through homeowners associations, schools, churches, businesses and social clubs. Together we can help assure that these additional toxins do not end up back out in our marshes and streams. Contact Amason’s Waste Management today for all of your home and commercial waste management needs. We are the leader in sanitation. And by helping you properly dispose of old clothing we can protect the environment.