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Everyone has trash of some sort or another. Some trash, such as newspapers or aluminum cans are easy to recycle. Other things are harder to find alternative uses for, so they end up in the trash, and eventually a landfill. There are some common items that end up in the trash that a creative mind can find an alternative use for and spare them from the trash heap.

Items You Can Use

Glass Jars

Taking pickle jars or salsa jars and reusing them are easy tasks. Remove the label, add a strip of paper around the jar where the label was and store tea bags, thumb tacks, or other things that you use often and belong on the counter.

Wine Bottles

Do you like those bottle lamps but don’t know anything about electricity? Anyone can learn how to cut the bottom off of a bottle and thread an electric cord through it. Then, presto, you haa bunch of colorful tiresve a chic light fixture with no risk of shocking yourself.


While you save some wine bottles, you can also save the cork. Glue the wine cork together to make individual coasters. Cork may be of different height, so pass the cork bottoms through a planer or bandsaw and you’re done.Another option is to make a wooden frame the size you want a message board to be, then glue cork to it. Little cracks and crevasses between the cork add to the aesthetic.

Old Keys

You can recycle your old keys by painting them bright colors and hanging them outside. Either put keys close enough to be used as a wind chime, or separate. Whether they make pleasant sounds or are just to look at, they’ll be a great visual reminder of how creative you can be.

Tin Cans

What can a person do with tin cans? Almost anything. One thing to do is take the label off, drill different sized holes in them, paint them a soothing, soft color, then put citronella candles in them. The holes and soft color will be pleasing to look at even when the candle isn’t lit, and the citronella will make time spent outside less critter infested.


There are so many things a person can do with jeans when they are too holy to even give away. Cut out the back pockets and sew several on a scrap piece of material and keep coupons, or scissors, or something else in them. Make “saddle bags” out of them for elementary children’s chairs at school or their homework chair at home. Turn them into art. Something about denim looks great when it is recycled.

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For those things you can’t recycle or upcycle, contact Amason’s for roll off dumpster rentals. Whether you need a 20, 30, or 40-yard dumpster, we can provide you with the right equipment and dumpster service to solve your needs.