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Recently, hurricanes have reminded us that the aftermath of a hurricane might be worse than the devastation caused by the winds and precipitation. When the force of nature has ended, and perhaps the sun has even come out, bacteria can threaten even more people than the weather. It is important for those in charge to have a plan to clean up and return sanitation to the citizenry.

Preparing for a Disaster

Those responsible for waste collection and utilities must have a plan not only leading up to “expected” disasters such as hurricanes which can be forecast days in advance, but they must also have plans for responding to unexpected occurrences such as tornadoes or earthquakes. A good plan for recovery makes the process easier to implement if the time comes.

In most cases, while preparing for severe weather, utilities will have repair people evaluate places in water lines that are likely to break, and they may change waste pickup schedules to get as much trash off the street as possible before the wind spreads germs and bacteria around. As the predicted storm arrives, utilities are likely to in place repairmen in areas they believe problems will most likely occur in. Utilities will rarely turn off utilities as a preventative measure. Those repair people will stay as long as their supervisors believe they are safe.

After the Disastertrash bins for waste

Once the weather emergency has passed, the waste industry must get to work to remove trash and other waste. People can become ill by breathing in contaminates that may be waiting for pickup. Delaying in removing trash can expedite the spread of illnesses.

If flooding is part of the natural disaster, it is important to get water online and safe as soon as possible. Water helps remove bacteria and germs from people living in a disaster area, and it is absolutely necessary for people to have access to clean water to drink. Part of an emergency plan should include how to bring potable water into an area that has faced the devastation of a natural disaster.

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Amason’s can help municipalities prepare for emergency situations. Amason’s provides equipment rentals including:

  • Dumpsters
  • Portapotties
  • Restroom Trailers
  • Add On’s
  • Potable Waters

Before an area can rebuild following a natural disaster, the basic necessities must be met. This includes sanitation and potable water. Amason’s can provide those services. It is our job to prepare for natural disasters so we can give you the proper response you and your citizens need.

We are ready to disperse restroom trailers, portable toilets, shower trailers, potable water tanks, and roll-off dumpsters the moment you call. When disaster strikes, you don’t have much time to start making things safe. Once people are safe, they can start making things right. Contact us now, we look forward to helping you solve the problems.