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Both sides are squaring off. Those on one side of the argument are just sure they’re right. Those on the other side of the argument are just as sure they are right. Both sides are getting a little bit peeved with the other so what is the answer–toilet paper or wet wipes?

The Data

In the United States, the preferred winner is pretty clear. In recent polling conducted by, 65 percent of the respondents preferred to use toilet paper while 14 percent used wet wipes, and 16 percent preferred a bidet. Another poll from found that 47 percent choose wet wipes and 32 percent picked toilet paper. To be fair, the TreeHugger proll of toilet paperoll included 1500 respondents and the BodyBuilding poll included only 50. Combine those numbers and most people still prefer to use toilet paper with over 60 percent of the vote.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is considered to be the American-standard in what to use when in the bathroom. One reason people like toilet paper is that it has done the job it was intended to do for a long time. Also toilet paper is ubiquitous, it can be found in almost every restroom. The negative is that toilet paper can be dry which can cause discomfort for some users. What else do you clean in your life using a dry towel or a dry piece of paper? Probably nothing, which means we aren’t as dry as we could be, and many people don’t like that.

What is great about wipes? They are wet, therefore they get people cleaner. Just like toilet paper, some people need to be cognizant of using wipes that are without perfumes and dyes, but those can be found too.

Why Care?

If wipes are more hygienic, shouldn’t we be willing to make the switch so we feel and smell cleaner? The answer is a resounding maybe, as long as the person making the choice thinks about other issues.

Wet Wipes

Wipes are not easily broken down by water, but toilet paper is. Soak a wipe and snap it. It probably won’t fall apart. Soak a sheet of toilet paper and snap it and you probably won’t even get that far—it will fall apart before it can be snapped. When it comes to plumbing and septic systems we should want things that are broken down easily. If a wipe gets stuck in a pipe, it will remain there for a long time. Toilet paper will break down much more quickly.

The Down and Dirty

  • Toilet paper costs less to buy
  • Toilet paper is easier on plumbing and septic systems
  • Wet wipes are more hygienic
  • Toilet paper is more easily accessed

The ultimate choice is yours and what makes you feel most comfortable.

Amason’s is the leader in sanitation for the Southeastern United States. We specialize in providing the waste services you need at home, on construction sites, at public events and even in emergency situations. Let us know we can help you.